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Just Pockets

# NONI 404
Just Pockets

Just Pockets: Small Bags for Men, Women and Kids
This pattern contains a collection of small bags with fun, eye-catching patterns of color and shape and unlimited uses for men, women, and kids. The bag bodies are knit in one piece. Strapes are knit separately and attached. All bags have zipper closures. Each bag has attached bolt snaps that allow them to hang from belts or wall hooks, not just from their accompanying straps.
All bags require 1 skein each of two colors.
Yarn shown is Cascade 220, 100% wool, used doubled. Bag is knit and then felted in the washing machine.
Felted Dimensions: Just Stripes & Yellow/Orange Jacket: Height 9"; Width: 5"; Strap width: 1/2"; Strap length: 30"
Circles & windows: 6" Height; 9" width; Strap width: 1/2"; Strap length: 30".

used are: US 11/24"circular; US11 double pointed needles; US8 double pointed needles.
US13 circular and/or double points for Circles & Boxes only.

Additional hardware needed: 2- 1/2" round eye bolt snaps; 2-5/8" D-rings; 6" (11") large tooth zippers for all wide pockets; 8" large tooth zipper for all narrow pockets.
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